Monday, August 29, 2011

A Gift

I wish to Thank You for that gift you have provided. This gift will always be remembered no matter where I go and it stays inside, though. This isn't a simple, and people might treat that as a normal gift, but to me, it's never a normal, yet an amazing gift from you which I will never forget to be honest. Thank You so much and you are always one of the amazing ones. God loves you and family. I know you felt happy and so do I! :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Not a good time to leave, yet i don't feel glad to do so!

Friday, August 26, 2011

I don't wish to leave.........................

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Hope You Never Mind

Whatever we've been through won't be realize and understand by many peoples, but all I hope you won't mind at all. This is the first time I am in this situation, though and to be honest, I will take it no matter what happen. Would you mind?

God, I can feel that this is not me, but you are in me! Amen!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Walk with Him and he'll show you the way, the truth and the life...Amen!

I Never Mind

I always believe that you do mind lots of stuffs before anything else, but eventually I was wrong. By knowing you day by day night by night and at last you wouldn't mind a single thing at all. Honestly, it was just like an arrow struck into my heart by your words when you mentioned that you wouldn't mind. People might think I'm crazy, but I can tell that they never understand. Pretty best, I wouldn't mind of anything either about you, even a single little or big thing.

Monday, August 22, 2011

I came back for some reasons

Never thought of I could failed a unit last semester which could lead me to come back here just for a single unit for the whole 3 months at the second semester. Initially, I always accused that it's a waste of time and money just for that unit. Before coming back, I've received a good news regarding my unit which I could take a supplementary in a limited time. Well, I was surprised and excited since I got another chance. Before moving on, I graduated in Diploma of Business, finally. Thank God for that! Amen!.

Today, as I have thought back I came back here not just for a my supplementary but for some reasons. Why would I say that? One of the reason is because if I wasn't here I won't experienced someone who does care and love me so much. I felt this was my first time being treated so well here. As being serious and honest, I can' even imagine what I shall say more? Indescribable!. If I wasn't here, we won't be so closed, yet I wouldn't knew would I be as glad as now because I manage to see you almost daily. If I wasn't here, I knew we have already lost contact even! If I wasn't here, we never get to understand each other and share our problems. I can be sure I won't feel as amazing as now if I wasn't here today.

We've been through few moment of difficulties to understand each other, but still we never give up perhaps. Even what I've been through to overcome burdens, I'd still glad to see you around because you have made up my day. Coming back here wasn't a coincident but it's already been planned by our Heavenly Father!.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Moment of Appreciation

Time passes just like in a second where you were here since few days ago. I felt delighted when you willing to spent time with me and shared, yet accompany me throughout the weekend. I still missed you somehow, therefore how amazing was that? More than amazing! God is working now that he's showing his love and care for of us. I would like to provide a few words about you that you never stops caring, even though you are so exhausted yet you never give up either! You have done so much and this time I would really like to say I'm sorry for not appreciating you for that particular moment. Forgive me.....

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Journey Ahead

Definitely I wouldn't mind, but I believed it's gonna have lots of burden up front. It ain't gonna be easy as eating an apple. Frankly speaking, I will walk through this no matter what though. Burdens, hardship, obstacles or whatever things would block my way, I shall keep walking until I acquire it because I know it's gonna worth it in the end. While walking through the long hard road, I just hope you could bare with me until the time comes. Let us walk with God with no fear. Be thankful to God that he had brought us one. Amen!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

You Share and I'll Listen

I would like to convey that how much I care about you in not any specific moment. In times of blue, grieved or even cheerful which there are even more time for me to care. You consistently mentioned about yourself who are the *Bad Guy* at the first place, but I never deemed that you are one, seriously it's because it never appear in my mind and I have put my trust in you. Better yet, I wouldn't mind what you think about me or which scrape occur in your mind, and all you have to do is just share it with me and we'll talk about it. I wouldn't want you to take it alone, but take it together with me though. Taking it alone is heavy and if someone would like to give you a hand, you'll feel lighter. No matter what, never let go. I shall even add-in I will have time for you even when I'm working in long hours and I never want you to stop sharing even my time are limited. I would never feel tired once you speak out and please do bare in mind. Never let evil thoughts conquer you but stay strong with God. I do always keep us in prayer everyday. God is working and we shall work with him too!. Amen!

A Call

While I was taking a nap in the evening (I think I just closed my eyes), my dad called and before that I was thinking about would my dad give me call later on? *It just came in my mind in a sudden* Oh well, eventually he did!. What a gift! The first and only thing he asked me was about the school fees in Perth Curtin and I felt astonished for a while. As he mentioned about the fees, yet I've told him "LETS NOT WORRY TOO MUCH AND KEEP PRAYING". *A smile on the phone for dad*. As soon as he hung up, I was being perceived for a moment and I started to pray and give thanks to God for he is our Hope. God is Hope! Amen! Never Lose Faith!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Keep Praying

Praying is not a job for me, but a communication with God. I can't stop this communication whether when and where because talking to him I can say is amazing!. I feel calm and easy when I talk to him yet he answered my prayer through an amazing way where it's unexpected! Just remember Faith, Hope and Love and these bond is so strong where there's no way to break because of his mercy!.

Not being afraid to tell I am facing some problems now. God hears me and I believe he will answer my prayer soon. Never lose faith, but keep it inside. It's better to know the first solution to solve problems is to pray! Look for him often just like we look for our brothers and sisters! Amen!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

It's just a matter of time

Time is a prove of everything, but we need to have faith in HIM. It really gave me a great shocked in my heart when I heard about it, but I will never lose faith in HIM. I wouldn't wanna worry so much until the time comes. He knows what best for us!

Just like you said live one day at a time plus make the most of ever moment we have. I don't wanna trust myself into it, but trust in HIM. When we still have time for each other, that's the time we are gonna use for everything. Once again I remembered you've said A LOVE WITH FRIENDSHIP COMES WITH HUMOR AND HEART. Let me provide this with a sentence "These bond shall never break because we do appreciate and care each other well".

This is where I shall start to say that we shall stick together like a string where there is no gap in between. The string would not fall apart when we appreciate it very well. We've planned our journey, but I'm sure there will be lots of burden and hard roads in between, however I will go through this no matter what in order not to let the string fall apart!. I'm willing to do so because it means a lot to me! I can say it's uncountable yet I will keep my words as I promised you!. Prayer will keep us together and God is working on us. Pray Hard!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

I would not show you the love from my mouth of words or tongue but with my actions and in truth.

Friday, August 12, 2011

I hope I can fly away from here soon

I hope I could fly away from here soon. I wouldn't wanna stay here if I could. I wish to see new things in life and to feel the new place. But of course there is one main thing for me to leave. Wouldn't wanna say out because is indescribable. Trying hard for this possibilities. I wouldn't wanna miss the chance if I could. I kept thinking of it from day to day but i'll surrender to you God! You've heard my prayer even before I pray. Amen!

Im sort of a loser

I felt that I'm sort of a loser! A simple stuff which is so easy could stop me from doing it. Shame on me! I have no doubt on myself seriously. No deny but the truth! I accept when people said that I don't know anything. Seriously I am.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Well exams, test was over and as I have graduated from Diploma of Business. And now I hope my wish come true by next year 2012. No matter how hard to try I'll go for it and may I surrender to you God? May your will be done

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Thank you Lord!!! You are AMAZING!!!!!!!... HALLELUJAH!!!

I felt so delighted when you are sharing your thoughts with me. I felt so blessed to have you which could never keep anything but share. Everyday I keep us in prayer from morning, evening and before bed.

I hope you feel the same too. And of course I trust every word you said. You've shared out everything and now we get to understand each other more.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I need you

Lord, you have showed me so much loved. The loved that I never felt before. Lord, continue this love until I seat next to you Lord. Blessed us and continue to send your holy spirit shower upon us Lord. For you know and have listened to our prayer and we trust in your Lord Jesus Christ!.

After 2011

There's only one thing I hope for after this year 2011. That would be...........................

Monday, August 8, 2011

It'll make my day

It felt so glad to talk with you where we can still laugh and share together even we are not face to face. Hopefully this will continue now and then. It really makes a day for me! Seriously!

Just because of who I am?

I have been receiving people who always use the word Mr Curtin in a inappropriate way! No offense that I won the title last year but why are people using me as Mr Curtin which in a wrong way for goodness sake! I was wondering did I ever being such a spoiled person in your face? I was being normal and I never being such an ego! Mr Curtin was just a name! Nothing's special and doesn't mean anything at all!. I am still a student in all way! Why are people keep saying that Mr Curtin always being praised and spoiled?! Gosh!

I may look bad on my face but never judge someone if you don't even know! COME ON!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Never Change

You always said that you not worthy to get close with me. That isn't true. With whatever reason to cover up not worthy to me isn't true at all. I tell you why because getting close is not a forceful act. If you think you are quite close with the person and do continue the relationship. I can tell that it's not easy to look for a close friend as a brother which could share, laugh, cry together and even follow you wherever you go. How touched was that! I really appreciate this close relationship under any circumstances. Nevertheless, it doesn't matter how far we all go and as long as we have the true heart of remembering one another. Don't change my brother and do keep us in prayer.

I would never forget! Happy Birthday!

Thank you God you have blessed us! Thank you for being here and listen to my words! I am so happy yet touched!

I was so glad that you've heard what I wanna share with you. First of all I would't know how shall I start but in the end I did. Words are not made up but from the sharing of the love. I shared out what I wanted to share to you because I knew you would lend me your ears and listen. I felt so blessed! Let me speak out that today is a great day! We've went through the day together. And of course we prayed together! See how God has amazed us in a very amazing moment! God has answered my prayer which touched deep in my heart!. I knew that God has touched yours too!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Heading for the Church

Heading for the Church which is a moment of happiness with our Lord Jesus Christ! Let us pray and ask for his blessing and forgiveness. Amen!

I always said to myself that we may not spend our lifetime in this world. Time of happiness, sadness will appear now and then. But we shall stay strong until the day comes. The lifetime of joyfulness only happens up there with our precious Lord! You and I are the same. Even I am not around however I will pray and tell the Lord I will wait for my brother.

A day has passed and the next day is coming. Time passes very fast and I wish I could turn back the time we enjoy together. It has mean lot to me. I wish we have wings and could fly together. I wouldn't mind what people said about us as for we are one. I just don't know how to express it out! It's like indescribable. So, i will said to myself that every moment that we spent I will appreciate it!. I wanna make the day be remembered as much as possible. It's not much time left for us so let us remember the day!. I pray that you will move on and follow him!

A day will be remembered

Time we spent wasn't much but the love and laugh moment we shared has been so meaningful to us. Even with the time of depression we still shared out and we listened to one another. I felt this was so amazing that God has given us. God is so amazing! I'm gonna miss this moment though but in the heart is always remembered and touched. No matter where we are we are till under one roof with one heart as a brother. I just couldn't excuse this because it has stick in my heart. Time will pass we know but i just hope this could bring us back our memory in the future! I never wanna lose a brother like you do. I will keep us in prayer! Take Good care! God is working on us and pray!

One heart with one brotherly love no matter where we are!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lord, I have tried my best! I will surrender to you! Take away my fear and worry and let joy comes in to me..AMEN!