Friday, January 22, 2010

Life as a human

Millions and billions of people around the world are boasted with different kinds of personality, attitude, manners and etc. I should say Nothing is a perfect one in this particular world. Everyone does mistakes in terms of anything. To be frank that any mistakes could happen to a person even how nice or good is he/she. If mistakes occur to a person, he/she should overcome it by clarify what he/she had done wrong at the first place so that may not repeat the same again. We learn from mistakes but not giving up just by mistakes.

Mistakes is a good experience to everyone. Without any mistakes there will be no improvement ahead or wrong and right. So I shall say don't take mistakes as a big issue but take it as a experience. Furthermore, we could never stop learning. Once we start learning we do mistakes everytime and we learn from it until we got it right.

Next, everyone in this world have thier own purpose and rights to do something. We may not feel the same way like others do. So I shall say that accept peoples opinion which is not same with us.