Saturday, January 28, 2012

Was it me?

I didn't force you to follow my event but asking you whether you can? I thought I could do something better. I understand you couldn't so I didn't asked for more after that. Eventually, I was told, I asked too much...............Maybe I'm the one who don't understands how to ask even? So I made you felt I asked too much. Sorry if I did.........

Let me recall

Locked myself in my room and start recalled what I've given you? Well, ya, I am giving myself some time to recalled what was wrong in it. The first thing came into my mind was isn't it that we were on a shaky situation? Oh well, believe it or not I am trying to keep this constant. Maybe I haven't really shown you what was really inside this little heart of mine. I doubted you would trust me if I continue to say this every time. I considered my words aren't important anymore. I'll do what I can to keep you having the moment of bliss.

I read your blog again and again and how I wish we could have the moment back here with us. I got tears, and I cried without disgraced. Remember when I first met you? Remember when I started to shared everything with you? I recalled. Gracefully, you mentioned I never hurt your feelings, but unfortunately I did. It just gave me a few seconds a heart of smile, eventually it turned out to be a bitterness. I can do better and why didn't I? I'm just as dumb as a doornail.

I believe you still feel the same, and I believe it's gonna take a while to have more trust on me. Well, is okay, maybe I wouldn't get the right answer yet at the moment but one day I believe I can.

Recalled the past was what giving me the greatest decision. People says move forward and never look back and I agreed but that just depends on what situation. I recalled the past and put right back into the present and future so could have your hope come true.

Am I the one who could completely turn your world around? ,Make the most of every moment we have?, If you truly love someone, you'll never hurt them? follow my footsteps? In a nutshell, you're not defective.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Working out everyday just to keep myself fit and nice. Not just that.......................................................

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Talking was just peanuts

Time passed like water flowing and every blissful and sorrow moment has just been foregoing. It's still always a memories behind and never will escape one's memories. Feeling self - accusation is one of the main reason and probably it's never an eleventh hour to change for a better. Undoubtedly, talking and talking was just peanuts but only action that provides perfections. Frankly with no doubt, self criticizing is what takes place which is the truth and with no regret yet i proudly accept. I won't come out with any apology due to there's no meaning ever since but just longing for you to see I will change.