Monday, September 26, 2011

Not Here, But Out Of It

Seriously, I wouldn't wanna stay here, in Malaysia. Though, its my country, but I wish to move to somewhere else to study which I had in mind. I prefer to have a different environment where there's peace of mind everyday and different lifestyle. This is my biggest hope and I hope it will be done one day.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I wouldn`t stay

Lately, I've been thinking could I manage myself to go somewhere which I plan to go next year? I wouldn't wanna stay here, though. I guess its time for me to make decision to leave here and start my new journey to somewhere I wish to be at. Lots of memories behind, though, where I will surely miss it, but I need to make a step forward for my life and to the place where I plan to go. Perhaps, this will bring me something new and its a good opportunity to have new experience.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Amiss Me

I had been such an inconsiderate one as I have treated you with a defective manner. I recalled what I had done to you and I found that it went overboard. I can see that you are hating this feeling and I shall not ask for more. I will stop and it won't happen again. I have ruined your lively moment and I felt so amiss.

I Wish

You have plenty of friends, who can turn to you anytime, anywhere. I wish I could have that congregation, though, but unfortunately its not what I expected. Abundantly, I managed to notice, you'll look more pleased when you have your group of friends which they intended to cope with you, and you look more restless either. I wish I could have that moment.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Treasure You

The moment we spent wasn't wasted in the matter of joy and heavy hearted. This is how we get along to get a hearty relationship and better understanding. I'll treasure the moment we will spend from time to time and I don't wish to see you leave my heart. Truly, I'll offer you, my heart and I hope you could handle it with care. I'd always pray and I believe one day HE will answer me with miracles happenings. Amen!


I hold onto myself whenever I see something that got my eye. This is not what I pining for, but it just made me feel very uncouth yet skeptical. From time to time, I invariably indicate myself not to consistently go through this circumstance in any circumstances because I don't like to have those fondness. For I know, it's a very defective decision to show you that I'm being such a one. Sometimes, I prefer to cover myself with this matter by not wanting you to know because it's not righteous, but i refuse to do so. I promised you, I would split out whatever I had in mind. Though, I will, but I just hope you could bare with me with this matter which I am trying to change and correct myself to display a better me sooner or later.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

I believed I'd always made you upset

Have I complained too much about you recently? I wish you could just be honest to me yet tell me the truth. Don't conceal yourself from me because I never did. I felt hurt deeply inside when I saw you were upset where there's not a single smile while we talked. Emotionally, you are not a particular person to me, but it's indescribable which am not afraid to declare. Seemingly, I can state how you feel and what are you thinking sometimes by looking at your mien which I hope you wouldn't mind.